2004-2005 Season

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The Masked Canary

August, 2005

Book by Tim Kelly
Music by Arne Christiansen
Lyrics by Ole H. Kittleson

Amanda has come to Arizona to find work to provide for her daughter.  Alas, the former society belle must take to Tombstone’s legendary Birdcage Theatre.  In order to protect her identity, Amanda disguises herself when singing, becoming known as ’The Masked Canary.’ However, due to our devious villain, Judge Mortimer Harshly, and his partner, Peachy Jamm, her secret is at risk. A cast of zany characters round out this fun melodrama, where the audience gets to participate!

Directed by Shileah Corey

Rock Around the Block

August 2005

Book by Tim Kelly
Music and Lyrics by Bill Francoeur

Gracie Stanley has gotten herself into the ultra-sticky jam of a lifetime!  She has pledged to deliver her distant cousin, rock star Ziggy Springer, for the high school Hippity Hop. To her dismay, Ziggy’s manager doesn’t want his client performing anywhere without pay.  It’s now up to Gracie and her friends to produce a double...or never show their faces in Louise’s Luncheonette again! 

Directed by Shileah Corey


August 20-21, 2005

Music and lyrics by Barry Keating, Book by Stuart Ross and Barry Keating

Shy teenager Eleanor has built a fantasy world around the sci-fi comic books she collects. When she is mysteriously thrust into the world of her favorite comic book, Eleanor is drawn into the conflict between Shak Graa, Arch-Creep of Chaos, and the Starmites, guardian angels of Innerspace. She turns out to be the legendary Milady, teen superhero who must lead the Mites on their Quest to save the Galaxy. Standing in her way is the delightfully flamboyant Diva, Queen of Innerspace and her Banshee warriors. With the help of heartthrob Space Punk, Eleanor learns to own up to the inner power she has always denied, defeating her foes and conquering the evil force of the "Cruelty." 

Directed by Shileah Corey, Choreographed by Gabriel Corey
Additional Choreography by Caleb Corey and Shileah Corey
Band Director: Michael Corey

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